Exclusive Dating App for

Indian Americans!


Dating App for

Indian Americans!

Meraluv helps you to find a partner who truly understands you, leading to deeper compatibility in your romantic relationship

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Why Meraluv?

Why Meraluv?

  • Exclusively designed for Indian Americans, redefining the way you connect & find everlasting love.

  • Meraluv helps you to find a partner who understands you and your experiences, leading to a stronger sense of compatibility, common values & alignment in the relationship.

  • Say goodbye to swiping! Forge connections with those who truly pique your interest.

Culturally enriched connections

Find a partner who understands your cultural heritage and traditions, thereby forging a deeper connection.

Profiles Beyond the Surface

We prioritize depth in profiles to eliminate superficiality, fostering genuine connections founded on shared values and aspirations.

Showcase Your Unique Self

We empower you to express your cultural identity, aspirations, and personality to showcase the vibrant, multi-dimensional person that you are.

Unparalleled Safety

We strive to ensure trustworthy, authentic interactions by only allowing profiles which are selfie-verified.

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